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How to lose your weight and keep in shape from Miranda Kerr tips

Be regarded as a well-known woman, Miranda Kerr has in the top career ladder as a model for Victoria's Secret. Besides, she is also 2-year- old Flynn’s mom and has a happy marriage with British actor-Orlando Bloom.

No matter how busy her life is, Miranda Kerr also takes full notice of her health by means of her healthy eating habits and strict exercise plan. Despite at the age of 30, Miranda Kerr’s beauty is not faded over time and she is still as gorgeous as ever. She is very confident to shows off slim shape in body-fitting outfits after giving birth. If you are jealous with her perfect body, here are the amazing tips of Miranda Kerr eating plan and exercise training!

Miranda Kerr Diet

If you desire for s-shaped body, there is no ways except for beginning your day with a healthy meal. As Miranda Kerr shared for Net-A-Porter, her initial meal starts with nutrient shake providing sufficient energy and essential substances for a long day. This shake is a kind of smoothies which is dense of nutrition and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Another crucial point in her diet is that this includes fresh organic products, namely, vegetables, fruits and fish and she says no with ready-made foods which contain high calories. Drink enough pure water is very important to remove toxics from the body.

About Miranda Kerr's lunch menu, She indulges herself by preparing a really great salad consisting of a variety of vegetables such as baby spinach, avocado, cucumber with grilled haloumi cheese, some slivered almonds with some macadamia nut oil and a side of vinegar. This dish is really delicious and you can enjoy your meal with grilled fish and sweet potato to change your appetite.

Miranda Kerr Exercise training

The combination of healthy eating habits and excessive of exercise days contributes to Miranda Kerr sexy body with hot curve. Despite giving birth to, she still maintains working out to keep in shape and comply with a strict exercise regime to reach the ideal weight. She often has a visit to the gym center at least 5 times per week no matter how busy her timetable is. The kind of exercises she’d love to is yoga, ballet, cardio, running and boxing.

One tip to own the body like Miranda Kerr is that you should only take the use of treadmill once or twice a week and stop when you run 2-3 miles so as to reach the perfect results. In addition, you should do push-ups, leg extensions, hip extensions, jumping jacks, leg presses and calf raises to tone other muscles and do not combine all those exercises in one day. Don’t forget to do each move from 10-15 reps each set.

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