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Budgeting in your own home (Part II)


Everyone wants to expand their budget, especially women who always stay at home, do household chores and have no income source. To continue this topic from its previous part, here are some other suggestions for your concerns.

5. Living room

When talking about the living room, we all immediately remember to entertainment facilities at home because the living room is the place where all family members cluster around each other and entertain together. Upon survey, the average American family spends $2,698 a year on entertainment so cutting down the expenditure on some home entertainment could be a great idea for you to save money. For example, you could take advantage of internet to see a lot of TV channels instead of paying for TV cables in which there are a lot of channels you rarely watch. Moreover, a LCG4 electrical strip can be used to cut power to several appliances with just one click.


6. Home office

With the development of mobile technology, you can utilize a lot of connecting applications which offer normal calling, texting, video calls, sending files for free such as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Tango. So, reducing expenses on cell phone will help you to save $20 per month. Moreover, cutting the landline could also help you save about $240 per year even if you factor in long distance charges. Besides, you can equip your home office to become a exercise room. By doing exercises at home, you can avoid paying $360 for annual gym membership.


7. Garage

Gasoline and motor oil cost an average of $2,384 a year so if you commute is half of kilometer round trips, carpooling or public transportation will help you save about $570 a year.


8. In all rooms

With the increase in the living standards, a lot of house are equipment air conditioners in every room. However, air conditioner is one of the most money consuming facilities in our home. Thus, never forget to adjust the temperature to save more money. Keeping the temperature at 68 degrees F in the winter and 78 degrees F in the summer could save you about $400 to $500 per year. Moreover, a house using 20 bulbs will save $150 a year by switching to CFL bulbs which are described environmentally friendly, long lasting and cheaper than standard 100 watt types of bulbs.


Above is a closer look at household spending and some convenient alternatives that can help housewives save a lot of money in the long run and budget themselves. 

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