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Budgeting in your own home (Part I)


Everyone wants to expand their budget, especially women who always stay at home, do household chores and have no income source. Luckily, your budget is actually able to expand and stretch in surprising ways. Many daily and so-called “small” purchases add up from chump change to wads of cash over the course of a year. In fact, a household could save more than $8,000 per year by adopting these following suggestions.


Research has shown that the average u.s family spends $1,881 on clothing annually. To cut down expenses on clothing section, you should consider shopping at places where you can easily find high-end items normally priced around $75, for as little as $2 to $5. When shopping, peruse cheaper stores first before visiting the more expensive ones. Moreover, you also ought to buy clothes out of the season. Shop for bathing suits at the end of the summer or coats at the end of winter. Many out-of-season products are marked down between 30%-70%.


2. Bathroom

In bathroom, the low-flow shower head will cost less than bathtub and helps you save about $15 per month. Besides, cleaning supplies by switching from name-brands to genetic, your yearly average cost of $640 can be cut to $380. A 20oz or 30oz bottle filled with water and placed in the toilet tank will reduce water use. Each flush is about one cent, roughly $48 a year.


3. Dining room

Upon research, the average person spends $2,668 a year eating out twice a week and about $450 a year in alcohol consumption. Limit yourself to eating and drinking out once a week and save more than $1,500 a year. Not having dinners out also means that you don't need to tip anyone else for their services.

4. Kitchen

Make your own coffee is rule number 1 to save money. A cup of coffee at a coffee shop can run $3 and a coffee addict can spend up to $30 per week, $120 per month and $1,440 per year. Moreover, bottled water for one person can cost hundreds of dollars a year so why not pay for plastic and shipping costs when tap water is free? Besides, you also should have home breakfast because eating fast food breakfast every weekday morning can cost approximately $25 per week but fixing a breakfast at home just costs 50 cents per day. So, based on the calculation, preparing breakfast at home may help you to save about more than $1000 per year.

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