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It is unhidden that Microsoft and PC makers are in the stressed relationship when Lenovo takes a stand against Microsoft Surface as others begrudgingly sell it.

Microsoft announced last month to cooperate with Dell and HP to jointly sell its products: Microsoft Surface. Subsequently, the giant software in the world continued looking for a different computers manufacturer. This time, it was Lenovo but its reaction was not very positive.

Gianfranco Lanci - Lenovo’s chairman, affirmed that: “We received Microsoft’s proposal more than one year ago and I refused it because Lenovo doesn’t see any reason to sell competitor’s products”

Currently, Microsoft is not only a strong software company but they also introduce many hardware products which compete directly with PC makers.

However, Dell and HP resentfully resold the competitor’s products instead of their own in spite of making no profit from the sales. The main problem lies on customer demand. These vendors have more enterprise service businesses to serve.  "The most important is to meet the customers’ needs. These are customers we have been cooperating for many years so we don’t expect to yield them to competitors. The more needs we satisfy, the more intimate corporate customers we have. “HP CEO Dion Weisler said.

Surface Pro product line also has a significant number of interested customers very so HP decides to retain these customers by meeting their needs, even by selling competitors' devices.

Both Dell and HP have different business strategies with the remaining PC makers, they highlight customers than profits based on sale of its products.

Meanwhile, Lenovo claimed that the cooperation of Surface products will not generate any benefit, Of course, when customers want to process Surface products, Dell, HP or Microsoft Stores will be their best choices.

In regard of the Microsoft’s huge influence, after the Surface Book’s launching, OEM employee (Original Equipment Manufacturer) told Microsoft had a “sleeping” power that no vendors dare disturb. In similar situation, Asus manufacture was also afraid of the Microsoft’s new hardware because they may not even predict the future.

Microsoft assets that its hardware is corresponding to that of other PC makers but this explanation doesn’t satisfy them because for many years, Microsoft has been taken over the premium market  segment, leaving them to compete with a small piece. However, this fact is a natural result of the market because these PC manufacturers have attacked the high-end market for over 3 years while Microsoft as steadily iterated the Surface into a killer product line.

 It is clear that almost manufacturers are quite cautious with Microsoft’s moves because the majority of PC manufacturers today still rely heavily on Microsoft's Windows operating system. However, partners have gradually discouraged to Microsoft’s plans since this company launched a new series of Surface.

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