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In term of cooking app, Windows Store has plenty. However, there are not too many that have a vast number of recipes as SO COOKBOOK does. The app offers more than 350,000 recipes from several well-known sources like BigOven or Larousse.

Recipes are sorted by category, including appetizer, main course, etc. Users can easily search the one they need by entering keywords. When you get the recipe, you can print them out or add to your personal cookbook.

In order to have better experience, you can create an account. When signed in, you can add recipes to your favorites for future uses.


GeoPhoto helps to show where you took your photos. The app reads your photos’ information and groups them, then sticks them on the map. It also allows you to edit geotags in your photos manually.

If you are a kind traveler, GeoPhoto will be very helpful. You can also link it to your OneDrive account so the app can look for photo you uploaded.

GeoPhoto is free but you have to pay $1.99 to get rid of ads.


K-Lite Player for Windows is a good player for your Windows computer and phone. It includes codecs so you can play videos of various formats without having to install any more plug-in. The app also supports subtitle just like other media players.

For audio, K-Lite Player for Windows offers advanced volume and equalizer controls so you can adjust the sound from the videos or songs according to the style you wish.

The app costs $4.99 but you can use it in 10 Windows 10 devices with only one purchase.


Perfect Dictionary is more of a dictionary. It brings to you popular terms like famous names, company, people, places… You can also add your own word to the dictionary and pin them to the Start Menu.

Each word comes with not only definitions but also audio to illustrate how it is pronounced. When you search for a word, the dictionary will give you suggestions when you type and save your searches for quicker access the next time you need. Users can adjust the app theme, color, font and language to suit their styles.

The app is free or $0.99 for ad-free version. So it would be very ideal for students and language learners who do not have much money.

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