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Microsoft launches its latest appeal to regular Window users by trade-in deal with higher price for your old Macbook or laptop.

Windows 10 currently fails in boosting PC sales as retailers ‘expectation. According to the report of The Gartner and IDC early last week, PC sales fell by 7-11% compared to the third quarter last year. This undesirable fact had adverse impact on series of new hardware products launched in previous months.

When retailers ended up with inviting approaches to stir up the PC market, Microsoft has gone ahead and launched the trade- in program called Easy Trade Up to direct users experience Window 10.

In particular, between now and October 20, 2015, Microsoft is willing to offer up to $200 for your old laptop running Window.  You even can get more $100 with Mackbook trade-ins. The value of your trade-in will be received after you complete the entire payment of your Window 10 PC purchased at Microsoft Stores in U.S or Canada.

As usual, your device must meet all the Microsoft’s requirements. First, the purchase price of your new PC running Window 8.1 or 10 you are buying is $599 or more and it cannot be applying Window Pro. Secondly, whether running Window or Mac, you laptop will not be accepted if missing power cords, batteries, or major defects like a cracked or broken screen. Finally, the using duration must not be over 6 years and a minimum 11.3 inches is compulsory with display size.

This special deal from Microsoft is good news for those who are desired to own a new PC because they would rather turn their computers into cash rather than mothballed. Besides, the world software giant also takes huge advantages of this promotion because many PCs currently are applying XP or Window 7, this rare reselling offer targeted at regular Window users would be a good way to move more people to Window 10.

Microsoft's website also clarifies totally the regulations and instructions for customers:

1. Purchase products:  Search the new products’ criteria meeting the requirements of the program on Qualifying Purchases page

2. Request an online refund: View Trade Up Now page for more information. You will be required to provide detailed information on purchasing date, place, invoice / receipt and serial numbers on the bought equipment, photos of new equipment box with a clear picture of the inner part, operating system, personal information, billing information and evidence you have purchased a new product (manufacturer, model, quantity)

3. Send the laptop or Macbook: Pack and send your trade-in product as your email’s instruction, these devices must be received within 30 days of your purchase

4. Receive your trade-in: Your payment will be paid within 28 days of validations of your claim. The payment method may be an electronic cash deposit in your bank account.

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