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What do you get when you mix making money investing with life insurance? The answer is life assurance which is a type of insurance that is distinct from regular life insurance in that it ads an additional investment aspect. Here we will look at how this works and how it differs from a regular life insurance policy.

Basically with life insurance you are paying some money into your policy with the intention of supporting your family should you pass away. This ensures that they will be supported and means that they will be able to cope with the loss financially. In most cases however this is not a way to make money investing – simply because in most cases you hope that the money doesn't pay out. This is no more investing than contents insurance is. In a fixed term life insurance policy you will often get a pay-out when the policy ends, but this won't be equal to the amount you paid in – as that's how the insurance companies make their money.

Make Money Investing In Life Assurance

With life assurance however you combine your desire to make money investing with the desire to protect your family from financial difficulties once your gone. Essentially you pay a monthly amount into your life assurance account, and they then pay out just like life insurance if your family need it. However what this also does is to help you by investing the money that you pay in and to give you a cut of that money it has earned from the investments.

In other words then, they will take your money and invest it in stocks and shares and that will help them to make profit on the amount you've paid in. This then means they can pay more out when you need it, or when your fixed-time life assurance comes to an end. It also means in some cases that you will get occasional 'bonuses' sifted off of the interest which can act as a nice little payout while you're still alive and in this sense it's much like making money investing in bonds.

Life Assurance Investments

At the point when it's time for the life assurance company to pay out, they will then pay you a guaranteed amount that you will agree at the time you take out your policy (like life insurance), and on top of this you will earn an extra amount of interest on top of that which will be a variable pay out based on the success of their investments. This then means that you get more out of the policy and that your money grows rather than disappearing. Many people aren't even aware of the difference between life insurance and life assurance, but if now you know you can use it to start make money investing.

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