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If you're itching to start getting your hands dirty and want to make money investing in stocks and shares, then there are a few things that can make your life a little easier. This website is one such thing of course, but another thing that will be highly useful to you is trading software and this can make the whole process much simpler for beginners and pros alike.

Trading software normally has several different functions and many of these will help to make it easier for you to make more money investing in stocks and shares. Here we will look at some of those functions...

Tracking Stocks and Shares: If you see some stock that you aren't ready to invest in, but that you think you might want to purchase at a later date, then you can use your market trading software in order to mark those shares out and then get notified about changes in their value. This will also allow you to collect data regarding their movements and so hopefully better predict whether they are going up or down.

Alerts: You can also use market trading software to help you make money investing in stocks and shares online by having it alert you when shares reach a certain value. This in turn then means that you won't miss golden opportunities.

Presentation: Another of the benefits of market trading software to help you make money investing in stocks and shares is the fact that it presents all the information in a clear way and has an intuitive interface (or at least that's the intention). This makes it easier to see what everything's doing and to act fast and it enables you to get a better feel for the 'bigger picture'.

Automated Trading: Some trading software supports automated trading which means that your software can trade on your behalf. This means that you can react to changes in the value of stocks and shares that are minute and almost imperceptible – and that you would be too slow to react to. It also means that it can trade in stocks and shares while you're sleeping and provide you with a passive income. This will be based on your pre-set instructions and/or complex algorithms, but it does of course have it's weaknesses and inherent dangers.

Advice: Your trading software can also act as an accountant/financial adviser and use financial modeling to predict the trajectories of stocks and shares based on previous performances, and it can use quantitative analysis to predict discrepancies in the sale price and real value of stocks. You don't have to listen, but when your gut and your software are telling you the same thing this may be a good opportunity to make money investing.

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