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In turn, the technology firms popular with their products for consumers, such as Apple, Google will find different paths to reach into the offices of the companies.

Trends in technology spending by consumers are increasingly reducing, and the budget for the technological equipment of enterprises is no longer as much as before - but the technology index has increased 3 times compared to 2008.

Some have called it a sign of a new technology bubble. However, many others argue that the common hardware, software open source and the increasing appearance of cloud computing services have changed the way people buy technology, creating the high technological economy, less dependent on the rise and fall cycle of technology.

The development of the scale of cloud computing, in addition to the explosion of mobile devices, has created new trends in technology services.

The rise of corporate customers

Corporate clients have created a fast-growing and competitive market for IT businesses. Especially in the software industry, where companies, with main products in the individual customer segment, such as Apple, Google, are competing fiercely with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Oracle, to expand market share in the business customers area.

Last October, Dell succeeded in carrying out the largest merger in the history of the industry when it acquired EMC Corp for $ 63 billion. This is seen as Dell's efforts to prop up the corporate customer segment, after years of struggling in the consumer customer segment. On the side of Apple, in a conference in September, CEO Tim Cook said about $ 25 billion revenue per year (14% of annual revenue) was from the enterprise segment - and that was "only a fraction" of what Apple predicted in the future.

CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai while discussing Google for Work said all the work of the enterprises in the world would soon run on the cloud. Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian, the company specializing in software customization for companies in Fortunes 500 list, said that customizing software was the next frontier of IT companies.

Technological devices have become an integral part of business operations, but the pressure from cutting cost is causing companies to look for technology solutions better, more economical to operate their businesses. The scale and the solidity of this demand are attracting the big guns in the village of technology into a new war.

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