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Lung cancer is a very serious disease so please note the following identification signs for early detection and timely treatment.

Shortness of breath

Difficulty in breathing or wheezing may not be a serious symptom. However, if you suddenly feel shortness of breath after running up the stairs while before you were not so, you should talk to your doctor early. These symptoms are likely because a tumor in the lungs causes, hindering your breathing.

Rapid weight loss with no known cause

In any case, the rapid weight loss with no known cause, not related to the fact that you have cut calories or exercised... is most likely caused by illness, including cancer disease. Additionally, if you feel appetite, it can be easily concluded that the cause may be due to a tumor inside the body, not excluding tumors in the lungs, leading to lung cancer in the future. This tumor will sudden increase metabolism in your body and cause the above situation.

Cough / sputum and blood

Persistent cough leads to hoarseness, hoarseness condition lasts several weeks without ending... can be due to problems in the lungs causes, such as pneumonia, lung infection. However, some people claim that the symptoms are caused by a cold or allergies so do not go check. The result is the inflammation of the lungs gets worse and worse, even leads to lung cancer if not treated promptly.

Pain in the chest, shoulders, hands and fingers

A typical symptom of lung cancer, chest pain, especially when you feel the pain deep in the lungs when lifting something, when you cough or laugh. In addition, signs of persistent pain in the chest that does not go away after a long period of time can also be a sign of lung cancer that you need to pay attention.

Pain and fatigue in the fingers may be two early warning signs of lung cancer that many people tend to ignore. In the majority of cases, when the skin of the palm becomes thick and white with pronounced wrinkles, the more likely you get lung cancer. You should consult to determine your condition.

Shoulder pain may occur if a lung tumor grows and causes pressure on the upper part of the lungs and the axillary nerve. This pressure often leads to pain, tingling and pain in the shoulders, inner arms and hands.

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