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Symptoms of degenerative spine disease

The most obvious symptom of degenerative spine disease is frequent back pain, day by day, mainly pain in the lumbar spine and neck.

degenerative spine

Discomfort accompanied by loss of appetite, insomnia, leaner, reduced working capacity and public influence of everybody around.

Sometimes there are acute pains making you feel throbbing, pain spreads to other areas such as the shoulders, sciatica, hips and thighs.

The pain extends from the neck to ears, neck, affecting the head and neck posture, pain spreading to the top, maybe a headache in the occipital, frontal, pain spreads from nape to shoulder, arm on one side or on both sides.

Check only see neck movements are restricted (heavy), can sense stiff neck, tenderness when clicking on the bones and the horizontal ledge of the cervical spine, X-rays of the cervical spine curve shows the physiological loss, narrow inter-burning discs, stem deformity, with the bone spur.

With cervical spine degeneration in high, patients also have symptoms of hiccups, yawning, dizziness.

Some severe cases can affect the spinal cord and associated nerves limbs, cause numbness of hands, feet. If left untreated for a long time can lead to muscle atrophy, paralysis.

How to prevent degenerative diseases

Stretch if sitting long

For office workers, establish a habit of health protection at the workplace, with practiced movements or simply stretching, do not sit at the computer too long.

Note sleeping positions

When sleeping, often transform, avoid lying only one or two position will be very vulnerable to torticollis. Not procumbent, this position will make the stock be folded down easily causing cervical vertebrae degeneration. Additionally, should have pillow with a moderate thickness.

Nutritional balance

Strengthen foods containing fiber and especially limit foods high in fat to reduce the weight of the body, helping the spine not to be under too much pressure from the body, but only to support the weight suitable for its strength.

Encourage foods such as fish, nuts and green vegetables because they contain a lot of omega and antioxidants. These types of substances have very good effects for the health of the joints and discs.

Also, you should limit the use of tobacco and nicotine which make your disk be prevented from absorbing vitamins, nutrients essential for bone and body. Moreover, tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer, which adversely affects your health.

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