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Are there days when you feel really tired of going to school? Well, we all do. Here are some tips that you can use with your parents or guardians to let you stay home and you can have that wonderful feeling of total relief.

1- If you want to stay home and do not go to school, it is not a last minute decision, then begins to act like you’re sick for a day or two before the day you want to miss school.

2- If you’re a girl, wear makeup to mimic the pallor of the face, apply blush on the nose and forehead and runs a little eyeliner under your eyes as dark circles.

3- Check pretend to be sick. It’s important to be a good actor.

4- Do not act like you want to stay home and miss school. If your parents suggest the idea, decline it, but emphasize how sick you are after it.

5- Tend to be dead as an expression on your face or have a look of discomfort. Look like you’re offline, without paying attention to anything.

6- Do not talk. speak only if you have to do that, and do it in a gentle tone of voice.

7- Touch or rub your forehead, pretending to have a fever.

8- In low tone, make a few small grunts. exaggerate not.

9- Walk with some impatience to the toilet with a tired look in your eyes and then gets wet bathing cap and tell your parents that you have a headache.

Method 1 of 2: Stomach pain
1- Breathe deep lot in front of (or which reach to hear) your parents.

2- If they ask what you want to eat, say you’re not hungry.

3- Do not smile. If your parents try to cheer you up, or say something funny, then try to smile as if to feel pain (mean forced smile, slightly sad eyes).

4- Just breathe through your mouth. And in some cases, breathe between your teeth.

5- Do not talk. speak only if you have to, and do it in a gentle tone of voice and worried.

6- In low tone, make a few small grunts. exaggerate not.

7- Try to stay seated or lying as much as possible in front of your parents. If you have to walk somewhere (bathroom, etc.), act as if achingly stand up straight and walk slightly bent forward (not too much).

Method 2 of 2: Sore throat
1- Tell your parents your throat hurts and you do not want to talk much.
2-Ask them to buy a cough syrup or use it for yourself.


  •  If your parents take you to the doctor and the doctor gives you medicine and you are NOT sick, then do not take the medicine. Pretend you take it and throw it without your parents knowing.
  •  Try not to let them take you to the doctor. The day before the one in which you to stay at home, do NOT act like you’re sicker.
  •  Do not make it too obvious how much better you feel, but try. Do not get magically better when you finish school.
  •  Do not be ambitious and try to miss two days of school, your parents would be suspicious if you feel better at night before going to school and you become to feel sick the next morning. Moreover, they could take you to the doctor, as already mentioned.

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