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Your mother does not agree with something you want or you like to do? Maybe she has to be persuaded. You may have to commit a bit of tricks to achieve what you want.

1- Make a decision before talking to your mother. You must be sure you want something and you have to know why you want it. This step is important, especially if it is expensive. Think about how you ask, her how she thinks and get the message. If it sounds ridiculous rephrase the question if you really think what you want is ridiculous. Think about why you want to do or why you want it.

2- Ask the question at the right time. Wait until she is relaxed or you are in a good mood for the question.

3- Be very clear regarding what you want. Beating around the bush and play guessing is a waste of everyone’s time.

4- While you are taking, reach the desired point and act calmly and maturely. As said before, make sure that what you order is reasonable. Do not act as if your life depended on a response. Remember it is your mother, and if she says “no”, she does this for your sake.

5- No doubt, show that it is a situation in which both can win. If not, reconsider the situation and how you can do to convince her.

6- If she says she’s going to have to think about it, leave her. Do not ask again after 5 minutes. Wait a few hours and again explain your requests.

Do not scream! Rule number one.
Act maturely. She’ll get criticized for being whiny, and not change her answer. In fact, crying or riding a scandal will not help you to get it.
Find details. Discover the truth.
Do not ask stupid questions like, “Can I travel to Canada” That’s nonsense and you know it.
Check that you have acted maturely in recent months and think if you’ve done some homework. Although not necessary, you should know that showing your maturity, integrity and responsibility makes your parents to begin trusting you and that will give you more freedom.
Do not try to ask it too often, or it will begin to be somewhat annoying.

Trust and credibility are difficult to obtain, especially when you’ve ever been lost.
If she says “no”, do not tell her you hate her. Just wait a day or two and explain what is really important to you … and repeat the steps

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