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There are 5 habits leading to vaginitis in women:


1.Wearing clothes too tight

  Wear clothes too tight is one of the causes of vaginitis inflammation because a so tight environment will create favorable conditions for bacteria to grow rapidly. In particular, women should not wear while clothes are still wet. 

2. Lazy to drinking

Drinking enough water is a good habit helps to waste toxins out of the body. Drink lots of water means that you will urinate more, the waste will follow the urine to go out, thus reduce the amount of bacteria in the vagina as well as reduce the risk of infection effectively. This is a simple but very good way women should notice to prevent vaginitis.

 3. Using a tampon too long

During the time of menstruation, women have to use tampons for vaginal hygiene. Usually, after 3 - 4 hours, you need to change a diaper and wash the genital area clean. But in fact, not everyone do this, there are those who are lazy in the replacement of sanitary napkins without knowing about consequences caused from this habit. It will create a condition for bacteria to penetrate, proliferate and develop rapidly, then attacks the gonads and urology. 

4. Abuse vaginal hygiene liquids

Currently, the market has a lot of vaginal care products such as lubricants, sprays, pomades, tampons ... However, if you misuse these products, they will be the culprit causing inflammation. In particular, you should consider the chemical composition of products to avoid unfortunate cases. The use of products such as lubricating oils, sprays, soaps, creams and tampons causes the vulvar skin is easily irritable. This can lead to skin abrasions in the genital area, leading to vulvar itching and infection.

5.Fasting urine

Many women have the habit of fasting urine and they think that this does not affect anything. But in fact the women who often fast urine will get the risk of urinary tract infections and vaginitis .When the urine is not taken out, the toxins will stagnate in kidney and form stones. The frequent fasting urine will lead to urinary tract hurt so that bacteria easily attack.

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